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The JLev.Life Logo: Why the Rooster?

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Our JLev.Life team wants to stir hearts, ignite change, and help clients awaken to potential within. When we were developing our brand identity I was drawn to the symbolism of the rooster. On the farm, the rooster awakens us to a new day; in our lives, JLev.Life can be the partner that enables a client and his or her team to awaken to the bright, beautiful and high performance future that awaits.

For Christians, the Rooster is noted for crowing three times after Peter denied Christ. As such, it became a symbol for Christ’s passion. Later, the Rooster would signify repentance and religious vigilance, as well as resurrection. JLev.Life is a non-religious, yet Christ-centered organization. Sharing love with you, our community and others is at the heart of our mission.

Symbol meanings of the Rooster are as vibrant and diverse as the rooster’s plumage. Rooster symbol meanings are all about fanning out with brilliance, and showing the world your shimmering facets of personality. At JLev.Life our products and services invite clients to have the courage to spread their wings and confidently share their gifts with the world. According to some, when the rooster spirit comes into your life, all your past errors are put right. Your past failures, anxieties, and feelings of poor accomplishments will all be cleaned. The Rooster is closely associated with improved levels of self-confidence.

The rooster enables you to move out and encourages you to seek a community in which you can thrive. You are able to express yourself fully in such a community. The rooster empowers you to embrace yourself and allows you to share your opinions and views with the world without fear. When you have positivity in your life, the rooster spirit enables you to share this positivity with the world around you. Your community will be better off for it!

In dreams, some consider the Rooster a time-keeper and a sign of time passing in our lives. At JLev.Life, we recognize the urgency of awakening and discovering the joy that awaits each of us. Hearing a Rooster’s voice in our dreams may indicate we need a wake-up call, and need to pay attention to some circumstances in our lives.

“There’s a morning when presence comes over your soul.

You sing like a rooster in your earth-colored shape.

Your heart hears and, no longer frantic, begins to dance.”

Today the JLev.Life Rooster crows to invite you to AWAKEN! We hope you’ll let us help you make today the first day of the rest of your life.

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