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We have energy and inspiration on tap...just for YOU!

If you or your organization is seeking a boost of energy, a greater sense of purpose and passion, and an ever-expanding set of tools to enhance performance and fulfillment, then let's get together!  From speaking, retreats, workshops, strategy sessions and life coaching, the JLev.Life team may be just the right partner for you.  Let's talk.

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Julie's new book is now available! 

Order your copy today by clicking on the image above.  It's time to Awaken! 

This book is packed with easy-to-embrace, science-based practices and inspiration to unleash your passion, purpose and performance. Julie Hood Leverenz, MBA, FACHE ignites and fuels positive energy among leaders, groups and organizations she engages. As founder and CEO of JLev.Life, Julie leverages her 31 years as a senior leader in healthcare, her vast volunteer leadership experiences and her abundant energy to build high performance teams, joy-filled lives and a better world. This book is designed to launch your journey! She’s a ‘Tiger’ having completed her undergraduate education at the University of Missouri – Columbia, and is a proud graduate of the John M. Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis. As you read this book you’ll get to know Julie…and most importantly, you’ll discover your own passion and purpose, and be poised to take action to unleash and share your potential with the world.

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Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life!


Julie H. Leverenz, MBA, FACHE, farm wife, Gigi, Rotarian, Girl Scout, author and 30 year senior healthcare executive is the founder of JLev.Life. Through JLev.Life, Julie combines her gifts, experiences, stories and boundless energy to inspire others to become the very best versions of themselves. Her dream of helping build high performance teams, joy-filled lives, and a better world are realized through the products and services of JLev.Life. Julie can't wait to meet you!


Sometimes discovering the best version of YOU or accelerating the engine of performance for your team means taking some risks.  Once you embrace the notion that achieving greatness requires you to venture into the unknown, together we can learn to go boldly!  Let's do this together.  We'll find the strength and courage to live into your best life and achieve success previously unimaginable.  Let's talk!  Today is the first day of the rest of your life.


When I experienced life in the villages of Togo, Africa with fellow Rotarians, I was deeply moved by the abundance of joy that emanated from all corners of every community we served. Along the way life has taught me that true Joy always comes from within and then spills over onto everyone. We can all live in abundance.  If you and your organization seek to discover your inner strength and leverage these strengths to enhance performance and accelerate fulfillment, let's talk!  Today is your day.


John O'Leary, author of "On Fire" and his "Live-Inspired" community prompted me to ask "What More Can I Do?"...and JLev.Life was born!  I hope you'll let me become the spark for you or your organization.  As John O'Leary reminds us,  "The best is yet to come!"   I can't wait to meet YOU!

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High performing, energized people, organizations, groups and families thrive on positive, mutually supportive and influential relationships.  At JLev.Life, we've assembled an incredible group of subject matter experts to serve as influencers, contributors and enthusiastic supporters of our mission. We are so grateful for their insights and encouragement as JLev.Life endeavors to build high performance teams, joy-filled lives and a better world! Although all multi-talented with potential for broad and rich contribution, we've invited our Gurus to serve as thought leaders in specific areas we thought might be of value to you. Enjoy meeting our incredible family of Gurus!

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Matt Hood

Matt Hood is an Economist, MBA, Biz Wiz CEO, Proven Growth and Optimization Expert, Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year, US Patent Holder, and a pretty fun guy.


Currently, Matt is serving as a Public Traded Company Unit President, for a design and manufacturing company that he bought, grew and ultimately sold. Matt has experience in Private Equity, Venture Capital, Bankruptcy Turnarounds, M&A, Real Estate Investing, Philanthropy, and Corporate Leadership. A well rounded critical thinker with knowledge of industrial design, management, accounting, engineering, HR, compliance and operations.


In a social mission, Matt has employed incarcerated minimum security work release men to help them learn, earn and live better lives upon release. He's at 500+ men and counting, with a great record of reducing recidivism and getting these individuals back to their families.


Matt holds an MBA from the University of Missouri, and an undergrad in Economics from William Jewell College and is Certified in Lean Mastery from Kent State.


Living near the Plaza in Kansas City with his high school daughters, Tatum and Keely, Matt is a Dad, avid tennis player, traveler, reader and good times seeker. We are so fortunate to have Matt serving as a Guru in the JLev.Life family!


Caryn Boultinghouse

Caryn Boultinghouse is "living life outside the lines", letting “heart driven threads” be her guide, and has a desire to see life through rose gold colored glasses! She has a big picture viewpoint, with creative abilities mixed with a strong analytical approach to problem solving. 

A University of Missouri - Columbia graduate with a degree in Marketing and emphasis in Design and Merchandising, Caryn spent the first part of her career in the corporate world adapting to the “stay in the lines” approach, eventually finding her entrepreneurial spirit and starting her own Interior Design business in the early 2000’s; she added a Real Estate Investment business in 2016 which has successfully bought, rehabbed and sold 10+ homes throughout the St. Louis market.

According to Caryn, her “two incredible, handsome, fun-loving 20-something sons who possess tenacity, ability to adapt, strong work ethics, adventurous spirits and most of all kindness for others" have been the true thread that makes her heart beat strong!  Having been a single mother and sole supporter since they were nine and six, their journey together has emboldened and bonded them in ways she could never have predicted.

Caryn's story is still unfolding and she is loving all the gifts she and her boys continue to gather. "Isn’t this what LIFE teaches us?  To stand up, stand for and stand strong for your purpose,” Caryn remarked. 

Caryn surrounds herself with purpose- driven friends, and she gathers and holds firmly to those she loves.  You can find her gathering groups for social outings, at her home for intimate dinner parties or most recently connecting to her tribe on Zoom!  Keeping the creative spirit always in the forefront of her life, she is busy painting whimsical art for relaxation, practicing yoga, constantly seeking the spiritual format of “who we are”, designing inspirational spaces for others and just being grateful for her wildly strange and beautiful journey of life.  We are thrilled to have Caryn among our Family of Gurus within the JLev.Life community!


May Scheve Reardon

May Scheve Reardon is currently the Executive Director of the Missouri State Lottery. Reardon, the first woman to hold the position, brings extensive leadership experience in the financial, nonprofit and government sectors, including 12 years as a state representative serving on budget, appropriations and a joint committee on gaming and wagering.

May has worked as an assistant vice president at Regions Morgan Keegan, a private wealth management firm in St. Louis.  Her nonprofit experience comes from her work as director of development at the Richard A. Gephardt Institute for Public Service at Washington University in St. Louis.  She also has been an adjunct professor of political science and communications at Webster University since 2005.

Reardon has a bachelor’s degree in communications from Saint Louis University and a master’s degree in communications from Webster University.

As the executive director of the Missouri Lottery, Reardon oversees 163 employees and reports to the Missouri Lottery Commission.  

The Missouri Lottery generates nearly $1 billion a year in sales and contributes more than $200 million annually to Missouri public education programs, including A+ Scholarships, Special Education Excess Costs, Vocational Technical Schools and capital improvements at several Missouri public higher education institutions.

We are so grateful to have May among our JLev.Life Family of Gurus!


Dr. Cole Scherder

When not caring for patients, Dr. Cole Scherder can be found in any number of places around the world serving families in remote villages or simply enjoying unique experiences with his own family and friends. A board certified family physician, Dr. Scherder completed both his medical school and residency training at the University of Missouri – Columbia.  As a physician in the Hannibal Regional Medical Group, Dr. Scherder has the privilege of enjoying life in his hometown while caring for patients and families with unmatched compassion and well-respected expertise.  We are honored to have Dr. Scherder among the pioneer Gurus within the JLev.Life community. His insights and expertise will be a welcome benefit for all of us!



Dr. Diane Bibb has worked in maternal-child health for over 35 years. Supporting new mothers as they learn to care for their babies and educating health care providers about lactation and maternal care have been major priorities of her nursing career.


Diane has a Doctorate in Nursing Leadership and Innovations in Health Care and master’s degree in Nursing Education from the University of Missouri. She is a certified Maternal Child Nurse and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.


Diane has lectured at the national, state and local levels to improve our health care system. She has been published in major nursing journals and developed an 18 hour course for the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services that has been presented throughout the state.


Diane has been employed as a nurse in pediatrics, ICU, and labor and delivery. She has worked both at the hospital and college level as a nurse educator. Currently she is the Director of Women’s Care at Hannibal Regional Hospital. Diane is a member of the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN), International Lactation Consultants Association (ILCA), Sigma Theta Tau and the co-chair of the Missouri Breastfeeding Coalition.


With a passion for providing exceptional patient and family centered care, Diane led Hannibal Regional Hospital to becoming the first Baby-Friendly designated hospital in Missouri in 2009. Her drive for excellence in health has led her to become an expert in diet and nutrition.


Diane lives in Bowling Green, Missouri with her husband, is the mother of four children, and has one granddaughter.


Teresa Alewel

Teresa Alewel began her profession in Career Development in 1986 at the University of Central Missouri. She remained at the university for 26 years where she worked to build a nationally recognized Career Development program. Teresa was actively involved in the Midwest Association of Colleges and Employers and the National Association of Colleges and Employers and served in various leadership roles for both. Teresa presents nationally on various topics related to Dining and Professional Etiquette, Leadership, Career Development, and Work-Life Balance. She also presented internationally in 2005 for the Australian Tripartite Conference. 


Teresa earned her bachelor's degree in Counseling and Personnel Services from the University of Missouri – Columbia and her master’s degree in Student Personnel Administration from the University of Central Missouri. Additionally, she graduated from the Management Leadership Institute, University of Richmond, and in 2006, became a Certified Etiquette Trainer through The Etiquette Institute in St. Louis, MO.


She and her husband Randy live in Warrensburg, MO where they own and operate an 88-year-old family meat business where she manages their drop shipment for major retailers and all other online order fulfillment. 


She and her husband (Brigadier General, retired) were actively involved in the military for 30 plus years and continue their military involvement and service today. They also have three wonderful children, travel extensively, and enjoy skiing and scuba diving.

What a blessing to have Teresa among the JLev.Life Family of Gurus! 


Rebecca Milan Glenn, Esq.

Rebecca Millan Glenn is the Director of The Learning Center, a not for profit Early Childhood Special Education pre-school in Bowling Green, Missouri.  She graduated from the University of Missouri—Columbia with a Bachelor of Science in Education and then went on to earn her Juris Doctor degree.  She is a member of the Missouri Bar and a certified Mediator.  She also has certifications from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in English Education and Early Childhood Special Education.


Rebecca practiced law for twelve years in Jefferson County, Missouri.  In addition to her general practice, she focused much of her energy on representing children and youth who were in foster care.  She maintains her law license, utilizing it in her career in education and in serving as a guardian for individuals who are incapacitated. 

As the director of The Learning Center, Rebecca continues to pursue her passion for helping children by advocating for those who have developmental delays or disabilities.


Rebecca is married to Edward A. Glenn and they have two sons who are attending college.  They are active members of their church and the community.  Rebecca enjoys gardening, reading, writing, and swimming.

We are honored and grateful to have Rebecca serving as a Guru in the JLev.Life community!


Emily Trevathan

Emily Trevathan is a Hannibal native with a Masters of Arts in Economics, experience working for a Fortune 500 company and owning a local business. Emily relocated to her hometown from Colorado equipped with certification in Yoga and Meditation practices. These passions enabled her to open her own studio and introduce northeast Missouri to the rich benefits of these practices.

In addition to running her own studio, Twisted Juniper Yoga, Emily is also a licensed real estate agent in Hannibal and most importantly, she is the proud mother of Dylan. She is on the Board of Directors for Douglass Community Services and is active in the community. It is an honor to have Emily contributing as a Guru within the JLev.Life community!


James Prow, MSed, NBCC, LCPC

Jim Prow was born in Cape Girardeau, MO, moved to North St. Louis from ages one to five, and spent the rest of my early years growing up on “The Hill” in South St. Louis.  Very formative for him were his high school successes in athletics attending CBC High School in Clayton MO.  He was the starting guard on two state championship basketball teams.  He later attended Quincy College where he became a member of their athletic Hall of Fame as a soccer player.

His duel B.S. degree at Quincy College was in philosophy and psychology. The psychology department’s emphasis on the person as growing, developing and transcending personal limits in an effort to find meaning and actualization has always been a background for his work, be it in organizations or providing therapy.

His masters degree is in counseling and guidance from Western Illinois University.  An internship in the counseling center at the University allowed him to hone therapy skills under expert supervision.  After graduation with an M.S.ed.  he pursued certification in Adlerian Psychotherapy from the Adlerian Institute of Minnesota.  That experience continues to influence his work to this day.  He has pursued extensive continuing education and training in family therapy, positive psychology (psychology of wellbeing)  and applications of recent brain research to trauma treatment and  general therapy.  
After two years working with what back then were called “delinquent” high school students in a self-contained classroom providing family and individual therapy, as well as supervision to the teachers, he was hired at Quincy College as their Counseling Center director.  He spent 25 years as director before leaving to pursue consulting/training work with organizations and open a private practice in psychotherapy.  

His organizational development/training work focused on teaching supervisors to develop and sustain high degrees of internal motivation among all organization members.  Internal motives such as developing self-esteem, sense of accomplishment, positive participation in teams, self actualization and meaning are the focus.  Systems theory, team building, organizational vision development and continuous growth and development were emphasized.  Adapting supervision and management approaches to meet the unique needs of each associate was highlighted. He also established several participative and team-oriented safety programs in a number of organizations. 

Jim worked with many regional companies including Diemakers (Monroe City), Con Agra (Macon, MO), Hannibal Regional Healthcare System, Quintron (Quincy, IL), Quincy Compressor and  many others. His projects tend to involve executives, middle managers, first line supervisors and associates in ongoing training and development to establish common management approaches, develop internal motivators, and creating shared vision, mission and strategies.  

His private psychotherapy practice focuses on individuals, couples, families and children.  The focus with each client is to reduce the presenting concern, such as anxiety, depression or trauma while developing skills to promote optimism, reduced physical distress, and increased sense of well-being and happiness.  

It is a gift to have Jim as a Guru in our JLev.Life community! 


Patty Fisher 

Patty has worked in youth development for 36 years as a University of Missouri Extension 4-H Youth Development Specialist. She managed a multi-county program during her tenure, which included working with and training volunteers and youth to carry out experiences in the community club program. She also provided a variety of county experiences for youth to demonstrate their development of skills to others.


Her interest focuses on teaching skills through team activities along with communication experiences. A variety of methods are key to keeping youth engaged, including judging and strategic assessments, as well as experiences where they can fine-tune their communication skills one-on-one with an adult or in front of group of peers.

She co-developed a statewide experience for 11- to 13-year olds called “Public Speaking Academy”. It focused on the research, writing and presentation of a prepared speech. Other accomplishments include creating a career introductory program for middle school youth, an anger management program for juvenile offenders, co-creating a new style of camp counselor training and offering a cultural diversity trip for youth to Chicago. She also chaired a statewide committee on cultivating opportunities for youth with special needs, where we created resources and training for our coworkers on this topic. 

She participated in professional organizations such as the National Association of 4-H Youth Workers, Missouri Association of Extension 4-H Youth Worker, and American Camping Association trainings and conferences, which gave her the opportunity to learn from great experiential leaders such as Karl Rohnke and Michael Brandwein. She also presents workshops on camp counselor training, public speaking and cultural diversity.

Being active in community is important to Patty: she is a Rotarian, a 4-H volunteer and a board member for Bright Futures and Kids in Motion. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, cooking and being outdoors. She lives on a farm outside Bowling Green, Mo., with her husband and is a proud mom to two children whom she enjoys in Chicago, Il. and Washington, D.C. We are so grateful to have Patty serve as a JLev.Life Guru!


Sally Kintz

Sally is the CEO of Poole Communications in Hannibal, MO, and a Visiting Professor of Graphic Design at Culver Stockton College in Canton, MO. Sally is also a trainer with GreenLight Training. For over 30 years she has helped grow companies and organizations through strategic planning, and well-placed, consistent communication. Poole Communications specializes in digital, web, video and print marketing. Her work with both for profit and nonprofits gives her experience with a variety of budgets. She understands the importance of being an active community partner. It is an honor to have Sally join us as a pioneer member of the JLev.Life Family of Gurus!


McKenzie Disselhorst 

Currently serving as the director of the Hannibal Area Chamber of Commerce, McKenzie has extensive leadership, economic development and communications experience.  In addition to leading a chamber with nearly 500 member organizations and raising a beautiful and inquisitive pre-schooler with her husband Ken,  McKenzie is currently serving as the President of her Rotary Club. 

Prior to her leading the Hannibal Area Chamber, McKenzie worked with the chamber of commerce in Quincy, Ill, and also held positions with both the state and national Cattlemen's Associations.  She is an active leader in the Northeast Missouri Economic Development Association and operates an online children and women's clothing business.  McKenzie is a 2003 graduate of the University of Missouri - Columbia and participated in the beef industry graduate program affiliated with Colorado State. She also studied economics, policy, food science and culture during a year-long study abroad in France.    We are honored to have McKenzie serve as one of our Gurus!


Denise Damron

Denise Damron is currently serving as Executive Director of the United Way of Northeast Missouri and is an inspiration to all she meets.  Prior to assuming this role, Denise worked as the District Manager for Junior Achievement.  Denise and her husband fostered two young children whom they have since successfully adopted as their own, and recently the family welcomed a beautiful new baby. Denise holds both bachelors and a masters degrees from Quincy University. She is an active leader and an engaged participant in the community at-large and in support of the nearly thirty United Way agencies she and her board support.  Denise is a member of Rotary and is clearly one of the region's up and coming stars.  We are so fortunate to have Denise join us as a Guru.


Kayla Tepen Caldwell

Kayla Caldwell joined Edward Jones as a financial advisor in 2018, after several years in the banking and service industries. She's a  2012 graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia (Go Tigers!) where she received a degree in finance.

Kayla is a lifelong resident of Pike County, MO and proud to serve the communities from her office on historic Georgia Street in Louisiana, MO. She currently resides outside of Bowling Green with her husband, Justin, and daughter, Austen. She is actively involved in the community and currently serves as a board member for the Louisiana Chamber of Commerce and is a member of the Louisiana Rotary Club.

Kayla believes in treating others the way she would want to be treated. That is the first step she takes toward creating an ideal experience for her clients. Communication and transparency are equally as important, and it is with these values at the forefront that she partners with her clients to help them achieve what's most important to them. She uses established processes to build personalized strategies to help clients achieve their goals and then partners with them throughout their lives to regularly review and make adjustments, as needed.

She is proud to work with a wide variety of clients with diverse goals. Kayla works with individuals, families and businesses to address the following areas: retirement income strategies, estate considerations, business retirement plans, business owner needs, survivor and long-term care needs, and education savings. 

She is passionate about the work she does and excited every day to serve new and existing clients. We are so fortunate to have Kayla serving as a JLev.Life Finance and Investments Guru!


Huntley T. Leverenz 

Raised on the family farm and subsequently serving as a grain facility manager for Bunge North America, Inc. since graduating with a degree in Agriculture from the University of Missouri – Columbia in 2014, Huntley Leverenz has developed considerable expertise in commodities trading, agricultural operations, and agricultural policy.  In addition to managing rail and barge-based grain operations in Indiana, Missouri, Illinois and Iowa, Huntley is an active member of the National Grain and Feed Association having traveled to engage policy makers at the state and national level on multiple occasions during the past two years.  It is an honor to have Huntley serve as a pioneer and influencer among the JLev.Life community.


Over the past thirty years Julie Leverenz, owner of JLev.Life has led and facilitated workshops, retreats, strategy sessions, provided inspirational speaking and offered life coaching for many groups and organizations.  Here are some insights from those she's had the privilege to serve and support.   

The world was turned upside down one day and Julie Leverenz stood with our executive staff to learn how to emerge stronger. Her energy, spirit, and thoughtful approach to our daily trails and tribulations allowed us to experience vulnerability with our decisions and build trust. Our $1.8 billion business is flourishing because our employees are at their strongest and we are united.

May Scheve Reardon, Director  -  Missouri Lottery

Julie and her JLev Gurus were tremendous assets helping to provide needed professional learning around wellness for our administrative team.  We found that time spent together team building through the JLev Awaken Workshops provided the necessary impetus to focus on self care and care of our students in our planning and implementation of our educational program.  I would highly recommend this work for any team looking for opportunities to develop members of a team to build greater sense of purpose and sustainability of effective service toward others.

Dr. Matt Frederickson, Superintendent - Bowling Green R-1 Schools

Public servants can be some of the most challenging employees to keep engaged, yet Julie Leverenz’s refreshing attitude about life and gratitude has helped reignite the passion these employees enjoyed when they first starting working for government.  From appreciating the small “things” to taking time for themselves, Julie shared specific practices that could immediately be implemented once they walked out of the room.  Her knowledge of keeping a balance in all aspects of life is truly a gift, and we are extremely grateful she has shared her experience and education with us.

Marisa Ellison, Communications Mngr. MoDOT Northeast District

"Julie provided our board of directors strategic planning facilitation and it was excellent. She led a group of individuals that had never worked together before, through a planning process and the results were amazing! She took us out of our comfort zone, led us through finding out our purpose as an organization, re-imagined our mission statement and allowed us to think of new possibilities. This was truly an amazing experience and I encourage others to have Julie be a part of their future planning!"

Stephanie Cooper, Executive Director - Douglass Community Services

In June of 2018, the Board of Directors of the United Way of the Mark Twain Area held a retreat facilitated by Julie Leverenz. We had a simple goal for our board to be more connected at the conclusion of the retreat with the big goal to have some groundwork laid to create a strategic plan. However, this retreat brought much more to our organization. Through Julie’s expertise and passion, our board members came together and gained not only a vision for the organization, but also gained energy to make the United Way organization a central force of good for our community.

The board became driven and gained passion to make United Way the organization the community could turn to when needing connected to resources, volunteer opportunities, or ways to support the community. Since this retreat, board members are more engaged and advocate on behalf of the organization and the community through their role with United Way. This vision has led United Way leadership to begin the process of creating a page on our website to act as a library where individuals can learn and connect to all community. Additionally, we are taking on that role working with volunteer groups to complete service projects. We also have started several special initiatives to help with needs in our community.

Julie’s leadership and expertise is heavily valued by our organization. The documents and attitudes that were facilitated at this retreat led us to create the organization’s first strategic plan. The organization keeps the strategic plan at the forefront through committee work and action steps that were lined out. Due to Julie’s time in facilitating this retreat, United Way has been able to grow, find a common vision, take action tackling problems impacting our community, and become more respected by community leaders. We are so thankful for her work and her willingness to utilize her talents to benefit our organization.

Denise Damron, Executive Director - United Way of the Mark Twain Area

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Let the journey begin!  

Whether you, your company or your group are looking for a spark to ignite your journey or the tools to discover a brighter tomorrow, our JLev.Life family is ready to guide you. It's time to AWAKEN.  Joy awaits ...Let's go!

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